“a transforming trickster. She can use melody and beautiful harmonies to carry weighty messages. Her keen ear for original arrangements, her experience articulated in powerful lyrics, and her beautiful voice combine to form a body of incisive musical works which touch contemporary audiences of all cultures.” – First Nations Drum


“Scofield layers substantial and sometimes political lyrical concerns of life and living over top of some pretty varied musical styles, from pop and rock to folk, country, and jazz. She mixes aboriginal chants with toy pianos and other thrift-shop noisemakers, emerging with a sound that is uniquely foreign, yet at the same time engagingly accessible.” – Ottawa Citizen, Bruce Deachman


“This First Nation performer has a drop-dead powerful voice, often taking on social issues that are featured in her genre-blending repertoire.” – World Music Central


“Scofield is the living proof that the Native American culture has already made the step into the 21st century. The fusion of the different music styles creates an extraordinary collection of world music.” – FolkWorld, Adolf Goriup